Buyer Representation is Free!

If you are purchasing a home, it’s important to understand that buyer representation is free!  Buyers’ agents are compensated by the listing agent at closing.  Those fees are pre-negotiated with the sellers.  There are so many advantages to working with your own agent. 

1)      AGENTS CAN CUSTOMIZE YOUR SEARCH!  The search criteria on most online searches are limited to city, number of bedrooms, and price.  I can search for so much more!  As your agent, I can filter for your preferred neighborhoods or do a radius search keeping you within 15 miles of your work. 

2)      GET TO THE LISTING BEFORE ANYONE ELSE!  As a full time REALTOR, I search the new listings every day.  If your dream home pops up, I will text, call, and email you to let you know about it.  In our current market, there are more buyers than homes for sale.  If you are looking for a special home, chances are, someone else out there is looking for the same one.  Don’t miss out on your dream home because you are too late.  As it states on our SIRA contracts, “TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE”!


3)      VIEW THE LIST OF HOMES YOU ARE INTERESTED IN QUICKLY!  Why schedule with five different agents to see five different properties when you can schedule them with me back to back?  Your time is important and I can work around your schedule. 


4)      FREE PROFESSIONAL ADVICE!  What do you think about the price on that home?  What should I offer?  These are questions I answer everyday!


5)      REPRESENT YOUR INTERESTS IN YOUR PURCHASE CONTRACT!  Purchase agreements are legally binding.  Do you have a home for sale that needs to close in order for you to purchase your home?  Is your purchase subject to all kitchen appliances remaining?  I will review the contract with you thoroughly and make sure that you are well represented.



Why wouldn’t a buyer use their own agent?!?!  I would love to represent you on your purchase.  Call, text, or email your So. IN REALTOR, Becca Potter!


Southern Indiana Top Producing REALTOR and lucky mother of Chloe, 5, and Tommy, 8.

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